Meetings & Incentives

May it be a corporate Incentive Program or a family incentive activity, Sri Lanka is undoubtedly one of the most suited countries
for motivating individuals, empowering them and enhancing self satisfaction within themselves in creating a better person who would be much more benecial and productive to the organization, the family and to the society as a whole especially due to
the country’s geographical location and the climate. Enriched with highly diversied natural resources from green high hills to dry plain lands, from high water falls to calm lake sides, from dense rain forests to semi arid woods and from various plantations to ancient caves, Sri Lanka is literally a paradise for Incentive activities, both locally and internationally.

Do you want to improve the performances of your set of employees with the aim of a better tomorrow of your organization? Do you want to motivate your employees, and to build self condence in them to face the diverse work life issues that they will have to face in the time to come?
Does your family need an adventurous holiday where it’s focused more on building team spirit and creating synergy?, Then, we recommend choosing Globeenjoy for your valuable decision… simply because, we guaran-tee you the true sense of an Incentive program, where we take the accountability and the responsibility of 100% achievement.

International Conference on Art & Humanities 2015

International Conference on Bioscience & Biotechnology 2016

International Conference on Hospitality & Tourism 2014

International Conference on Nano Science & Nano Technology 2015

International Conference on Social Science 2015

International Conference on Social Science 2015