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Esala Perahara Kandy Sri Lanka

Thought to be one of the world’s best festivals, every year ( in July or August, the exact dates vary according to the full moons) for ten days Kandy celebrates Esala Perahara, a Buddhist festival that has been taking place in the city since 300 AD. This cultural scenic event is celebrated to honor the Sacred Tooth Relic and the four ‘guardian’ Gods Natha, Vishnu, Kataragama and Goddess Pattini. The Kandy Maligawa Perahera is followed in order by those of the Natha, Vishnu, Kataragama and Pattini ‘Devales’ (Temples dedicated to these Gods) which are situated in the vicinity of the Kandy Maligawa (Temple of the Tooth). Thousands of dancers, drummers, flag bearers, fire-juggling acrobats, musicians, whip crackers, torch bearers and thousands of barefoot pilgrims walk in measured steps in the torch lit procession. The randoli Perahara goes on for five nights and the last night is the grandest of all.

Perahera Processions
Perahera Procession Days
The 1st Kumbal Perahera August 8th 2016
The 2nd Kumbal Perahera August 9th 2016
The 3rd Kumbal Perahera August 10th 2016
The 4th Kumbal Perahera August 11th 2016
The 5th Kumbal Perahera August 12th 2016
The 1st Randoli Perahera August 13th 2016
The 2nd Randoli Perahera August 14th 2016
The 3rd Randoli Perahera August 15th 2016
The 4th Randoli Perahera August 16th 2016
The 5th Randoli Perahera August 17th 2016
The Day Perahera August 18th 2016

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