Tucked away in the misty hills of Sri Lanka is an enchanting city filled with cultural attractions and natural wonders. The city of Kandy was the last kingdom of the Sinhalese before the colonial invaders took over the island.


You will still see traces of its majestic past dispersed lavishly all across its borders. A visit to Kandy will forever remain etched in your memory.

One of the prime attractions in Kandy is the sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic, where a tooth relic of Lord Buddha is enshrined. The festival of the temple, known as Esala Perahera is known to be one of the grandest Buddhist festivals in the world.

Among the other leading religious attractions in the city, places like Lankatilake Temple, Dambulla Cave Temple and Embekke Devalaya are quite prominent. Nalanda Gedige, which is known to be built at the center point of Sri Lanka is a place that you really should have in your itinerary! Get in touch with GlobeEnjoy, and find out how you can enjoy cultural tourism Sri Lanka in Kandy.


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If you want to experience the best of nature, we got you covered! Explore the misty hills of Kandy with us on camping and trekking tours and create memories to cherish for a lifetime. The famous Hulangala Viewpoint is one that you shouldn’t miss if you want to enjoy breathtaking views of the countryside. The spot is located 45 minutes from Matale and can be very easily accessed. World’s End is one of the most popular viewpoints in the region, located in the famous Horton Plains which is also quite east to reach from the city of Kandy. Places like Madulsima in Pitimaruwa, Pitawala Pathana in Riverstone, Deanston in Hunnasgiriya and Hulangala in Selagama are some of the hidden beauties in Sri Lanka that you really should not miss during your tour in Kandy.

If you want to enjoy a well-rounded travel experience, you can visit the One Tree Hill View Point, which offers spectacular views of the surrounding region. We will offer camping as well as cookery demonstrations at the zenith of the mountain for those who desire to enjoy a more outdoorsy experience.

Adventure seekers can explore the famous Hanthana Mountain and Knuckles Mountain Range. Guided trekking and hiking tours are arranged upon request so you will be able to enjoy the best that the city has on offer.

When you travel with GlobeEnjoy you will get the chance to immerse in the unique culture and traditions of the land. With us, you will be able to explore the food culture as well as the historic attractions of the city with ease.