Your tour in the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka will be incomplete without a visit to the ancient city of Polonnaruwa. With plenty of interesting places to see, this charming little city will help you to enjoy unforgettable cultural tours in Sri Lanka.


One of the most enchanting experiences that you can have in Polonnaruwa is a bicycle ride in the dam of Parakrama Samudraya. With the cooling breeze sweeping across the expansive tank, you can enjoy some refreshing and energizing exercise this way. We will have a picnic prepared for you at a viewpoint to help you tackle the appetite that you will work up during your bicycle tour!


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You can also have a fishing expedition with the friendly local fishermen in the region. This will be a great way to spend some time in the great outdoors and learn more about the culture and lifestyle of this part of the country.

With GlobeEnjoy, you can experience the best that the region offers. We arrange safari tours in the Angammedilla National Park, which is one of the hidden beauties in Sri Lanka.  You will get the chance to witness and admire the abundance of flora and fauna unique to the country during this tour. To cool off after your safari, we can take you to the Angammedilla Gal Amuna for a refreshing river bath. This is a famous ancient canal which should be included in your travel plans if you like to explore the natural beauty of the country.

Nuwaragala is yet another spot which you can explore to enjoy the natural wonders of the region. There is a pool of immense historic value, carved at the top of the rock and you can take a dip there. We can bring together the goodness of freshly harvested local produce and prepare a delectable meal for you at the top of the rock.

With GlobeEnjoy, your travel experience in Sri Lanka will be perfect. We are one of the best travel agencies in Sri Lanka for those who want to enjoy unique experiences in the country.