A food lover's guide to Sri Lanka:

Best local dishes and where to find them

The food culture in Sri Lanka is quite colorful for sure! The spicy and fiery flavors of the country’s cuisine challenges even the most daring experimenters. You will be able to enjoy a kaleidoscope of flavors and tastes as you travel around in the country, enjoying all that it has on offer at the many exotic restaurants and eateries.

Among the best local dishes to enjoy in Sri Lanka, the spicy kottu roti indeed takes quite a lot of prominence. It is simply a concoction made using shredded roti, vegetables, eggs and a choice of meat. It is a fiery street food that is quite popular not just among the locals, but also tourists. While kottu roti is found in all parts of the country, if you are visiting Colombo, you will find it premium versions of it at places like BARS Café, The Embazzy and Kottu Labs.

Another favorite dish in Sri Lanka is string hoppers. This light, flour-based concoction is served with coconut sambol and gravy. It is a breakfast and dinner dish in the country that locals love. You will find string hoppers at almost all local restaurants.

Isso Wade, or prawn cakes are also very popular in Sri Lanka. They are flavorsome and crunchy, creating the perfect snack for midday hunger pangs. Some of the best prawn cakes are served in Galle Face Green in Colombo.

The staple Sri Lankan meal is rice and curry. You will find locals relishing rice and curry for all three meals in rural parts of the country. Well cooked rice is served with an assortment of local curries at many restaurants. You will often find rice and curry being served in packets made from banana leaves. Rice and curry is generally mixed and eaten by hand.

One of the most popular local breakfast options is milk rice, or kiribath. It is rice cooked in thick coconut milk, served with spicy chilli curry. You can opt to have milk rice with fish curry too. The dish is served at many local restaurants across the country.

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