How to explore Sri Lanka in 10 days

Sri Lanka has a history of over 2500 years and its grandeur is truly unmatched. You can catch a glimpse of the magnificent times that the country enjoyed during its glory days when you visit the famous Cultural Triangle. The article below gives some tips which will help you as you plan your tour.

What is the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka

The Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka is one of the most popular places among tourists who desire to learn more about the history of the country. The area is between the cities of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Kandy.

Booking the right hotel

You need to make sure the right hotel is booked for your tour in the Cultural Triangle. A centrally located hotel will help you to save a lot of time and money as you enjoy your explorations. Try to find out from your tour operator in Sri Lanka about the best options available to you. You need to pay attention to your budget as well when you are looking for the hotel to book.

Timing your tour

The timing of the tour is very important especially since you will be outdoors exploring the region. If you visit during the rainy season, you will not be able to enjoy a fruitful travel experience. The rainy season in the city of Anuradhapura is between the months of October and December. During this period, even Sigiriya is bit risky to visit so try to avoid it if you can. The best time to visit this part of the country is between the months of January and April.

Making the itinerary

Be sure to speak to your tour operator in Sri Lanka and make a comprehensive itinerary which covers the top attractions in the region. Places like Sigiriya Rock Fortress, Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi, Polonnaruwa Vatadage, Gal Viharaya, Samadhi Statue and Temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy should not be missed.

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