Must things to do in Sigiriya

Explore the top must-do things in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka, including the ancient fortress and lush gardens. Plan your trip now with Globeenjoy.

Sigiriya and Dambulla are one of the most famous tourist hotspots in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, most of the tourists only visit Sigiriya, Minneriya, and Dambulla. But there are many other beautiful and historical locations and experiences you can get in and around this area. 

You can easily reach Sigiriya from Colombo using a taxi or using 24 hours available public transport system. Total travel takes around 6 to 7 hours from Colombo depend on the transport mode you are using. If you are going by Train, Habarana, Kakirawa, Matale or Mutthettugala are the closest railway stations. 

There are more than 20 beautiful and amazing locations to visit in Sigiriya and in the surrounding area.

1. Sigiriya
2. Pidurangala
3. Thalkote Lake
4. Dambulla Cave Temple
5. Ibbankatuwa Megalithic Tombs
6. Ibbankatuwa Lake
7. Kandalama Lake
8. Kaludiya Pokuna ancient ruined monastery and Forest
9. Menikdena Archeological Reserve and Arboretum
10. Wemadilla Lake
11. Jathika Namal Uyana
12. Minneriya Elephant Safari
13. Kawudulla Wild safari
14. Hiriwadunna lake and traditional Boat safari
15. Minneriya Lake and Boat Safari
16. Bowatenna Reservoir and Dam
17. Nalanda Gedige (Central point of Sri Lanka)
18. Bull Cart Ride
19. Tour a traditional Village and Lunch in the local style
20. Hot Air Balloon journey

If you are visiting Sigiriya, don’t forget to visit and get the experience of the above.

Taking a tour on a bull cart to a traditional village in Sigiriya is a unique and authentic way to experience the rural lifestyle and culture of Sri Lanka. Bull carts are a traditional mode of transportation in Sri Lanka, used by farmers and villagers to transport goods and people for centuries. The tour usually lasts for a few hours, and visitors can enjoy a traditional Sri Lankan lunch or refreshments during the tour. The bull cart itself is an authentic and unique experience, with comfortable seating and a peaceful ride through the countryside.

If you are a traveler who looking for a unique experience, Swimming or kayaking in a beautiful lake in Sigiriya is a great way to cool off and enjoy the stunning scenery of this historic city. There are several lakes in the area that are ideal for swimming and kayaking, such as the Kandalama Lake and the Habarana Lake. The lakes are surrounded by lush green forests and offer a tranquil setting for swimming and relaxation. However, it’s important to note that swimming in the lakes can be dangerous if you’re not a strong swimmer or if you don’t follow safety guidelines. Always make sure to swim in designated areas, wear appropriate safety gear, and never swim alone.

The hot air balloon ride in Sigiriya typically lasts around an hour and takes visitors on a scenic flight over the surrounding countryside, with breathtaking views of the Sigiriya rock fortress, Pidurangala rock, lush green forests, and small villages. During the flight, visitors can enjoy the peaceful serenity of the early morning as they glide silently over the landscape.

Climbing Pidurangala Rock is an adventure that should not be missed when visiting Sri Lanka. It offers a unique perspective on the beauty and majesty of the island’s natural landscape, and a chance to challenge yourself while experiencing one of the country’s most iconic landmarks.

Most of the time we climb Sigiriya rock and forget the history of it and real beauty of it. If you are interested to learn the history and , don’t forget to visit Sigiriya Museum. The museum is dedicated to showcasing the rich cultural and archaeological heritage of Sigiriya and its surrounding areas. One of the most notable exhibits in the Sigiriya Museum is a scale model of the Sigiriya fortress, which was once one of the most impressive structures in ancient Sri Lanka. Visitors can explore the model and learn about the various features of the fortress, such as the water gardens, the moats, and the famous Lion Gate.

Go around and search and research more rather than just stick to a travel itinerary proposed by a travel agent. This article and information will help you to plan your trip to Sri Lanka and experience the real beauty of it. Globeenjoy Tours is an experienced travel partner for you to choose who is dedicated to provide unique and authentic experiences to travelers. Always be careful to travel with an experienced travel partner to enhance your experience and minimize the troubles.

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