Sustainable tourism in Sri Lanka:

How to travel responsibly and minimize your impact on the environment and local communities

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island with breathtaking sceneries and a remarkable culture. The developing county relies heavily on its tourism industry. With more and more tourists entering the country to witness its myriad of marvels, the country is facing a serious issue with sustainability.

When you travel in Sri Lanka it is quite important to focus on responsible tourism. The country has suffered immensely from a civil war, a devastating tsunami, unstable economy and social unrest in the recent past. As tourism is a ray of hope for the country, it is very important that you focus on the manner in which you travel here, minimizing your impact in the local communities.

One of the easiest steps that you can take when you want to shift the focus to sustainable tourism is to choose hotels which are committed to conservation of the planet. There are many great hotels in the country focusing on reducing carbon footprint so you will be able to find one that suits your needs. Get in touch with GlobeEnjoy to find out about the best hotels in the country that serve this purpose.

You can also support the local communities by staying and dining at locally managed establishments. There are home stay options offered, which provide a much-needed livelihood to locals. You can also relish delectable local dishes at the many small hotels and eateries in the country, to support locals.

If you are keen to reduce your carbon footprint during your tour in Sri Lanka, you can opt to use public transport. This will give you a great opportunity to immerse in the local culture and get a taste of how the every-day people in Sri Lanka manage life.

There are lots of great community projects in the country which flourish with the support of tourists. During your tour in Sri Lanka you can get involved in these projects which focus on conserving wildlife and nature. When you have a few days to spare, you can opt to work at these establishments as a volunteer and give back to this enchanting little paradise island.

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