Wildlife safaris in Sri Lanka: Where to spot elephants, leopards, and other animals

Sri Lanka is certainly a land like no other! There are attractions here to please tourists looking for a variety of rich experiences. There are beaches to explore here and cultural attractions to admire. But one of the most delightful experiences you can have in Sri Lanka is exploring the majestic wildlife.

Sri Lanka has many wonderful nature reserves which are teeming with wildlife. The country is home to many species of endemic flora and fauna. You will be able to witness the sheer beauty of Sri Lanka’s wildlife at these wonderful attractions.

Yala National Park is undoubtedly the most popular national park in Sri Lanka. It has one of the highest leopard densities in the world too. These apex predators lurk in the lush terrains of the national park, generally unperturbed by the gazes of awed spectators. You will also get the chance to see elephants, deer, birds and sloth bears during your safari tour.

Wilpattu National Park is also quite popular in Sri Lanka. It is the largest national park in the country. As you travel with GlobeEnjoy, which is one of the leading tour operators in Sri Lanka, you will get the chance to visit this place with immense ease. 31 species of mammals have been identified within the territories of the national park. Leopards, elephants and sloth bears can be easily spotted during a tour in this national park.

The Gathering is one of the events that you should not miss when travelling in Sri Lanka. This is a season during which hundreds of elephants gather to socialize, bathe and find mates. It is mentioned as one of the 10 Greatest Wildlife Wonders of the World by Lonely Planet. It is also listed as one of the top wildlife spectacles of the world by BBC and CNN travel magazines. You will be able to witness this remarkable wonder when you travel to Minnereiya National Park during the months of August, September and October.

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