Forbes Ranks Sri Lanka as 2024’s 4th Top Solo Travel Spot

Forbes magazine highlights Sri Lanka as 2024's 4th Top Solo Travel Spot, recognizing its appeal and attractions.

Sri Lanka secures the fourth spot in Forbes Magazine’s list of the most sought-after solo travel destinations for 2024. Despite recent challenges, the nation’s tourism makes a significant comeback, according to reports. The ranking stems from a Flash Pack survey, highlighting the appeal of single travel experiences. Forbes ranks Japan as the top destination, with Argentina and Egypt following. Other destinations in the top 10 include Colombia, Ecuador, the Galapagos, Jordan, Thailand, the Philippines, Bali, and the Gili Islands. Forbes, an American business magazine owned by Forbes, Inc., publishes weekly articles covering finance, industry, investing, and marketing.

Forbes Ranks Sri Lanka as 2024's 4th Top Solo Travel Spot
Date: 9th of January 2024
Source: The Morning

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