Sri Lanka Ranking Among the World’s Top 13 Affordable Destinations

Explore why Sri Lanka is a must-visit, ranking among the world's top 13 affordable destinations. Discover its beauty and budget-friendly travel options.

Sri Lanka has secured its place among the 13 affordable vacation destinations globally in a recent compilation by Fox News.

The list highlights budget-friendly options and positions Sri Lanka as an ideal location for travelers seeking scenic hikes and diverse experiences. Describing the country, the report highlights the opportunity to get up close to native wildlife, specifically mentioning breathtaking elephants. 

Additionally, it emphasizes the chance to visit pristine beaches and soak up the sun. 

Accommodations in Sri Lanka are noted for their affordability, typically ranging from $ 20 to $ 40, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious travelers. The average cost of a meal is noted to be around $ 5, further enhancing the appeal of the destination.

Sri Lanka shares this prestigious list with other countries recognized for their cost-effective vacation offerings, including India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Greece, and Egypt. 

Industry analysts said the acknowledgment positions Sri Lanka as a standout destination for those seeking an affordable yet enriching travel experience, further contributing to the country’s growing reputation in the global tourism landscape.

Sri Lanka Named Among 13 Affordable Destinations in the World to Visit
Date: 5th of January 2024
Source: Fox News

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